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            1. 化粧品檢驗該找誰?!

              • 我究竟要測甚麼項目??
              • 那些測試是適合我的產品?
              • 如何知道我是否符合化粧品法規??



              Today’s consumers demand safe, effective, and quality products with increasing levels of sustainability. With the fast-changing and heavily regulated marketplace, We offer global and local solutions for major industry-segments with state-of-the-art laboratories and expertise.

              Tested means Trusted

              無論您的皮膚屬於乾燥、敏感或油性,抑或化粧保養品的成分是可可脂或植物油,甚至使用於日常保養還是僅用於按摩,都沒有任何區別。作為檢驗、查證、測試和驗證的全球領導者,SGS幫助您確保產品使用的安全性和有效性。因為接受了測試, 所以值得信賴。

              Makes no difference if you have dry, sensitive, or oily skin, if its formula is cocoa butter or botanical oil, if it’s for daily use, or just for spa day. As the world’s leader in inspection, verification, testing, and certification, SGS helps to ensure that your cosmetic product is safe to use and effective. In the end, it’s only trusted because it’s tested.

              SGS Can Help

              • 全球檢驗科技第一大品牌,測試、驗證、檢驗、查證服務超過 120 年。
              • 專屬客服人員服務,建構完善客戶關係管理及即時諮詢。
              • 確保您遵循化粧品衛生安全管理法,完善品質管理,共創永續經營。
              • 整合驗證及檢測之全方位解決方案中心,企業轉型的最佳合作夥伴。

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